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Connect with your inner passion, develop your creative abilities, and build lasting connections in an idyllic setting for 12 amazing days in the South of France.

Join us for

ARCH: Arts, Reflection, and Creative Health

at Les Tapies ~ South of France

August 4th - 15th 2020


Immerse yourself in a supportive community which offers you unparalleled opportunities to pursue interests in the arts, French cuisine, and wellness surrounded by tranquillity and beauty. Led by highly-qualified, inspirational instructors, the Arts, Reflection, and Creative Health Retreat (we fondly call ARCH) offers an intensive 12-day program in a wide range of subjects which challenges you to build on your creative experience and/or discover untapped talent hidden within you.






What is ARCH?

An architectural fantasy created with care and historical accuracy, Les Tapies offers a backdrop for your imagination to soar with guidance from first class teachers and peer mentors.
— Diane Atwood, United States

Located in the mountains of the Massif Central in Ardèche, France, Les Tapies is the ideal location for ARCH. The hamlet is surrounded by picturesque views in all directions, which  provide the peace and natural beauty that inspire a creative spirit and create a feeling of well-being. Its proximity to some of the most popular cultural sites in France, which have attracted master artists for generations including Cezanne, Picasso, and Van Gogh, adds a unique dimension to the program. The six 17th century buildings at Les Tapies have been lovingly restored from near ruin over the past 45 years and retain many of the original character features. The architectural harmony and unity of the hamlet creates a charming setting for a creative arts community.

The Story of Les Tapies


The Symbolism of the ARCH

Those who love classical and vernacular architecture will understand and appreciate the enduring strength and gracefulness of an arch. In spanning large distances by transferring weight efficiently to the foundation of a structure, the beauty of an arch is its simplicity. Based on friction to hold each stone in place and secured by the key stone, each stone supports the other and work as a whole to support the weight of a building.

This icon reflects Les Tapies not only because there are numerous beautiful arches throughout the hamlet, but especially because we believe one learns more readily and is inspired to face challenges and take risks if one feels supported and nurtured, surrounded by beauty in a tranquil setting, similar to an arch as it carries weight or defines space. At Les Tapies, our sharing the creative process brings the community closer together whether it be in the art studio, the yoga and mindfulness class, or preparing a delicious French meal using fresh ingredients from our organic garden. A sense of well-being permeates our community and this shared experience develops friendships that last far beyond the duration of the program. Thus at Les Tapies we create lasting relationships which are as enduring as an arch.


Come create with us


ARCH at Les Tapies, Saint-Pierreville, France 07190