The Creation of Les Tapies

a 40 year labor of love

Having begun his career as an art teacher at Andover before continuing his career with the TASIS Schools in Europe, Fernando dreamed of creating an artists’ community which would attract motivated students and adults from around the world to share in the creative process surrounded by the beauty and artistic heritage of Southern France. Thus Les Tapies was born as the abandoned hamlet was brought back to life building by building, stone by stone over the past nearly half century.

 This journey was a labor of love, shared with family, friends, colleagues and especially the early Les Tapies staff - John Smalley, James Perry, and Perrin Tingley who believed in my dream and toiled tirelessly since 2004 to transform a collection of farm buildings into a purpose-built art facility. Each building presented a different challenge and an opportunity to learn what would work better on the next project. Built into the hillside on a very steep slope, Les Tapies is the epitome of the organic architecture which existed centuries long before Frank Lloyd Wright created the label. Les Tapies consists of six buildings - three farmhouses and three barns, - which are harmoniously designed to work as a whole, connected by steps and bridges to make the hamlet a cohesive whole. It is this feeling of cohesiveness and harmony that creates an overall peaceful setting where one feels immediately at ease, connected yet detached from the hectic stressful world we live in. 

We look forward to you becoming part of the Les Tapies story.